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Italy's Rising Black Tide, A Creeping Counter-Revolution

1 week ago

“On September 25 Italy will hold elections following the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the concern is palpable. The Economist wrote that they could hardly come at a less opportune time, in the midst of at least three interconnected crises: the invasion of Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation, which in late August reached 8.4% in Italy, its highest level since 1986.”

- IV572 - September 2022 / ,
Stéfanie Prezioso

My Revolutionary Inspiration, Barbara Ehrenreich

1 week ago

“A new wave of feminist internationalism is now evident in the huge marches to defend women's rights to abortion in Poland, and in the recent Green Wave of feminist militancy (symbolized by women waving or wearing large green handkerchiefs) that has swept across Latin America, with huge mobilizations to end violence against women and secure women's reproductive rights. Turning history on its head, these activists sometimes say they hope to inspire women in the United States to defend their own reproductive rights.”

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Lynne Segal

Support Ukrainian Resistance and Disempower Fossil Capital

1 week 2 dagen ago

“Those who now tolerate a Russian victory also tolerate a victory for both global and “domestic” fossil and commodity-based capital, which is closely intertwined with the Russian fossil and extractive sectors. Therefore, a new anti-militarist movement must uphold solidarity with the civil as well as armed resistance of the Ukrainian people, and with the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian leftists who oppose the Putin regime's war.”

- 2022 - Ukraine / , , , ,
Christian Zeller, Denis Pilash, Hanna Perekhoda, Ilya Budraitskis, Zakhar Popovych, Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski

“Total, BP or Shell will not voluntarily give up their profits. We have to become stronger than them...”

1 week 6 dagen ago

“As left-wing activists in the climate movement, we sometimes feel stuck by what can be seen as a lack of strategic perspectives within the movement. How can we radicalize the climate movement and why does the movement need a strategic debate in your opinion?”

- IV572 - September 2022 / , , , ,
Andreas Malm
48 minuten 9 seconden ago
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