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Did India really win its independence through non-violence?

1 week 2 dagen ago

Two years ago, Burma (Myanmar) saw a huge non-violent movement of civic disobedience in response to a military putsch. However, it was ultimately forced to engage in armed self-defense in the face of merciless repression. Was it any different in India? Was independence, the liberation from British colonial rule in 1947, effectively won through the civil disobedience movement embodied by Gandhi? We put this question to Sushovan Dhar.

- IV584 - September 2023 /
Pierre Rousset, Sushovan Dhar

Imperialism(s) and the New Cold War

1 week 4 dagen ago

The article by Gilbert Achcar argues that the world is currently in a new Cold War, characterised by increased rivalry between the United States, Russia, and China. Achcar traces the origins of the New Cold War to the end of the Cold War in 1991, when the United States emerged as the sole superpower. The United States used its newfound power to expand its military presence around the world and to intervene militarily in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. This expansionist policy led to a backlash from Russia and China, which began to assert their own interests more forcefully.

- IV584 - September 2023 / , ,
Gilbert Achcar

He was one of ours: Tribute to Túlio Roberto, victim of the Pinochet coup

2 weken 1 dag ago

It is difficult to realize today, fifty years later, the hope represented throughout the South American continent by the experience of Popular Unity in Chile. The arrival of the Allende government in 1970 opened a new page, a surge of optimism and the perspective of social transformation of the continent, in particular for Brazilian militants who had taken refuge in Chile to flee the Brazilian military dictatorship.
It was with this optimism that Túlio Roberto Quintiliano arrived in (...)

- In Memoriam - Obituaries and appreciations / , , ,
Bea (Naná) Whitaker
1 uur 16 minuten ago
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