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Ernest Mandel Was One of the 20th Century's Greatest Marxist Thinkers

1 maand 1 week ago

“For Mandel, the hope for such a future was based on the spark of rebellion that had always made people rebel against oppressive and alienating conditions. The task of socialists was to fan that spark into a flame by supporting all such rebellions and by presenting an alternative way forward.”

- In Memoriam - Obituaries and appreciations / Obituary, Fourth International
Alex de Jong

Far-right has created a climate of racism, Islamophobia and fear

1 maand 2 weken ago

“Sweden has been making global headlines owing to a litany of Quran burnings earlier this year. Angry protesters in Baghdad burnt and ransacked the Swedish embassy in July while Iraq expelled the Swedish ambassador. Elsewhere in the Muslim world, agitation was recorded against the burnings of the Quran in Sweden.”

- IV585 - October 2023 / Sweden, Racism and Islamophobia
Farooq Sulehria, Hakan Blomqvist
16 minuten 52 seconden ago
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